"The sun of my Perfection is a Glass
Wherein from Seeing into Being pass
All who, reflecting as reflected see
Themselves in Me, and Me in them, not Me,
But all of Me that a contracted Eye
Is comprehensive of Infinity.
Not yet Themselves; no Selves, but of the All
Fractions, from which they split and whither fall.
As Water lifted from the Deep, again
Falls back in individual Drops of Rain—
Then melts into the Universal Main.
All you have been, and seen, and done, and thought,
Not You but I, have seen and been and wrought;
I was the Sin that from Myself rebell’d,
I the Remorse that tow’rd Myself compelled:
Sin and Contrition—Retribution owed
And cancelled—Pilgrim, Pilgrimage, and Road,
Was but Myself toward Myself: and your
Arrival but Myself at my own Door:
Rays that have wander’d into Darkness wide
Return, and back into your Sun subside"
"Face in the Mirror" - Fariduddin Attar (c. 1145 - 1221)


Empire Line (2005) series by British photographer Gavin Fernandes.

Fernandes describes the series in British Asian Style: Fashion & Textiles / Past and Present:

By subverting representations of British “memsahibs” and their indigenous Indian servants, and through the interaction of period British costume and native Indian dress, Empire Line explores the politics of clothing and its relationship with class and caste in 19th-century colonial India.

Though so rooted in colonial imagery, I love how Fernandes’s work also speaks to the complex and often problematic cultural exchanges of the contemporary fashion industry.